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If you can imagine it, we can find it.

You know exactly what you want. You can see it – the perfect fabric, paint color, wall paper, couch, table, antique porch rocker -- in your mind, clear as day, but you have absolutely no idea where to find it, or where in the world to start looking. Well, look no further! At our Group 3 Design Studio, we have compiled a fabulous library of the hottest and most reputable interior design catalogs, resources, manufacturers, samples and contacts right at your fingertips. One piece, one whole room, one whole house, if you can imagine it, we can help you find it.   


Do it alone or ask an expert.

The Group 3 Design Studio was created to help you create your own masterpieces. To enhance your imagination. But, in addition to our plethora of interior design magazines manufacturers and materials, we also have a group of the most talented interior designers in the Lowcountry. Doing it alone can be fun.  But collaboration can be beautiful, too. It’s up to you!